• Image of Pacific Crew Neck T-Shirt

Pacific stretched logo T-Shirt with classic crew neck styling. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.

Available in Small, Medium and Large in Black, Grey, Red, Blue, White and Orange.

Black Small - SOLD OUT
Black Medium - SOLD OUT
Black Large - SOLD OUT
Grey Small - 2 left in stock
Grey Medium - SOLD OUT
Grey Large - SOLD OUT
Red Small - 2 left in stock
Red Medium - 1 left in stock
Red Large - SOLD OUT
Blue Small - SOLD OUT
Blue Medium - 2 left in stock
Blue Large - SOLD OUT
White Small - 3 left in stock
White Medium - SOLD OUT
White Large - SOLD OUT
Orange Small - 1 left in stock
Orange Medium- 2 left in stock
Orange Large- SOLD OUT